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New Prescribable Tool Helps Healthcare Practitioners Heal Patients Through Food

The Plantrician Project and PlantPure, Inc. are announcing their collaborative launch of the PlantPure Rx program. This is the world’s first food-supported, educational immersion program designed to introduce patients to the health benefits of plant-based nutrition. The two partners will introduce the program through an on-line webinar for healthcare practitioners on May 26 at 3pm ET.

Healthcare practitioners can prescribe PlantPure Rx as quickly and easily as they can a pharmaceutical. Through the ten-day program, patients can enjoy delicious, low-cost plant-based meals and immerse themselves in an entertaining yet educational experience. As they learn about and begin to enjoy the healing benefits of a plant-based diet, they are supervised by their healthcare practitioner who conducts biometric testing at the beginning and end of the program to measure the often-significant health improvement they can experience.

“We believe healthcare practitioners should be at the forefront of any effort to build a healthy, plant-based world,” said Scott Stoll, MD Plantrician Project Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer. “A whole food plant-based diet has the potential to prevent, suspend and in large part reverse the global pandemic of non-communicable diseases, but the credible science has not yet pierced the veil of medical education and practical resources for active providers are limited.”

“We’re pleased to share the world’s first program that enables patients to learn about and experience the many health benefits of a whole food plant-based diet, in a form that practitioners can prescribe as easily and quickly as a pharmaceutical,” said Nelson Campbell, PlantPure founder and CEO. “This program will save many lives.”

Nelson Campbell’s father, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, is the well-known nutritional scientist who did much of the pioneering research validating the health benefits of plant-based nutrition – a message especially relevant in the pandemic. Mortality data from the CDC show that chronic conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes have predisposed people to the worst outcomes from the virus. According to Dr. Campbell, “A whole food plant-based diet has the ability to not only prevent these chronic degenerative diseases, but also to treat many of them, a response that can be seen in days.”
Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and any other health professionals able to order biometric screening and oversee medication adjustments are invited to register to attend the May 26 introductory webinar and sign up for the PlantPure Rx program at

The Plantrician Project, a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation, is the world’s leader in the development and presentation of medical education content and resources supporting the use of whole food plant-based nutrition in a food-as medicine first approach to preventing and reversing the epidemic of chronic illnesses plaguing our nation and the world. For more information visit

PlantPure, Inc. is a foods, education and social action company committed to helping accelerate the transition to a plant-based world. PlantPure has developed an extensive line of food products (sold online and in supermarkets), the PlantPure Rx program, and an online platform for supporting advocacy groups in local communities sharing the message of plant-based nutrition.

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