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Performix, World Leader In Health & Wellness Supplements Launches First Highly Caffeinated Ready To Drink Beverage, Performix SST Energy Seltzer

Performix, World Leader In Health & Wellness Supplements Launches First Highly Caffeinated Ready To Drink Beverage, Performix SST Energy Seltzer

NEW YORK, May 5, 2021 Performix, a leader in active nutrition and pioneer in developing best in class, high-performing supplements, announced the launch of Performix SST Energy Seltzer today. A line of non-alcoholic, zero calorie and zero sugar energy seltzers with real ingredients, Performix SST delivers 100 ways to fuel today’s active lifestyle. Available nationwide on May 8, exclusively at GNC, and online, the Performix SST lineup includes naturally flavored Lemon-Lime, Blueberry Acai, and Mango.

“I’m a big fan of seltzers and when Performix launched their energy seltzer, it immediately piqued my interest,” said former professional Motocross competitor and Performix athlete Carey Hart. “Whether I’m working late in the shop on my latest bike build or riding 12 hours on tour, an energy drink is never far away. So, the combination of seltzer plus energy is perfect for me!”

Performix SST Energy Seltzer provides 300mg of caffeine per serving and uniquely features both an Energy + Metabolic Fuel Blend, along with a Mind Fuel Blend to provide increased metabolism support, and enhanced focus support throughout the day. Key ingredients include 500 mg of Taurine, 300 mg of Caffeine, 200 mg of L-Carnitine, 10 mg of green tea extract, and 10 mg of Guarana seed extract, Lion’s Mane L-theanine, and Black Pepper Extract.

Certified fitness trainer, health coach and Performix partner, Katie Austin added, “I’m so excited to partner with Performix to celebrate the launch of their new generation of SST products. The new Performix SST Seltzer powers me through whatever I’m facing throughout the day by giving me energy, boosting my metabolism, and even helping me focus. And they have so many great flavors, the mango is definitely my favorite —lightly flavored and perfectly refreshing.”

“Performix SST Energy Seltzer falls in line with our other SST energy products, which are made for those who need the fuel to conquer their busy schedules. We use the line “SST wasn’t created for those with a 9-5, it’s for those with a 24/7″ and we wanted a beverage that could deliver on that. I think what we came up with goes above and beyond. These RTDs are refreshing, yet not overly flavored. It’s like drinking your favorite sparkling water with a kick of energy that sticks around throughout the day,” said Kris Soder, CEO of Performix.
Performix SST will be available nationwide at GNC stores in single cans and one flavor 12 packs starting May 8, 2021. Performix SST Seltzers is available for purchase online via

About Performix:

As a leader in the active nutrition and wellness space, Performix has been a pioneer in developing best-in-class supplements since 2014. Fueled by the vision that high-performing people deserve high-performing products, Performix is best known for patenting the SST energy line which features proprietary “time-released” technology. With over $500M in sales since SST initially launched, Performix SST has been one of GNC’s top-selling products and secured Performix’s place as the fastest growing brand in GNC history. Performix continues to innovate with the additions of a mind-body SST energy seltzer, SST energy gummy, and SST V3X to their offerings this spring.

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