A ladoo a day keeps the doctor away!

Ladoo is love.

Ladoo, during this pandemic, it is essential to build up immunity along with healthy life. Since ancient times the recipe for nutritional intake continues. During festivals, our mother prepares various types of ladoos. A Ladoo is a mixture of many healthy and immunity-boosting ingredients.

It keeps us healthy throughout the day. Our granny manages to make so many ladoos for all the family members as morning breakfast and evening snacks. The reason behind it is, it consists of grains, oils, and dry fruits, which keeps us solid and heavy diet said to doctors.

There are many types of ladoo in India like coconut, Besan ladoo, mava lodoo, boondi, Rava, Bandar ladoogond laddu, dates nuts, dry fruits, dates mava, peanut, fates sesame balls, badam, Ragi, methi, poha, walnut, malai, moong dal, atta.

Thus, these are enriched with high proteins. Some of them taste bitter like methi ladoo. But contains high fiber and should be consumed during winter. Haleem is more verifiable in winter as they retain heat in the human body and keep us warm. Hence during pregnancy, it is suggested to consume meethi, haleem, besan, and coconut . Kids should be given those ladoos after physical activities and in the lunch box. It helps in fast growth and builds bones. Due to its high protein, fiber, and calcium is demanded in foreign countries and Indian consumers. It is straightforward to make. Those are made in festivals like Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi . Hence, as per the enrichment, the it are sold in the market at a high price. India is a country enriched with minerals. Once consumed, it keeps disease away as well as the doctors.

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