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RedFOX Labs Strikes Exclusive Content Partnership with Miss Universe Philippines

This deal is a ‘first-of-its-kind’ and will feed popular media content into the burgeoning ecosystem that RedFOX Labs is building.

Vietnam based RedFOX Labs Joint Stock Company (‘RedFOX’) has struck an exclusive deal with the highly popular beauty pageant, Miss Philippines, providing the sole content rights including, video, NFT, photographic and behind the scenes for the next 3 years.

Following the recent acquisition spree including MYMEDIA, one of the larger media players in Southeast Asia and most recently, the Video, Content & Streaming Platform, RedFOX Labs is now on a trajectory to create a superhighway of media content that can be monetized through advertising as well as through the creation of NFTs.

The popularity of the Miss Universe contest in the Philippines can’t be understated. The Philippines have dominated beauty competitions globally for decades and the contest in the Philippines still ranks as one of the most anticipated annually by the 108 Million residents. Beauty pageant contestants and viewers will be able to interact within an ecosystem of RedFOX Labs newest media acquisitions: advertising and its video, content and streaming platform.

And the newly announced NFT Marketplace that RedFOX Labs is building (a Roblox equivalent for the creation and distribution of NFTs), provides a truly world-first opportunity for celebrities and high profile Miss Philippines contestants to link their content to the globally exploding NFT space, introducing new forms of growth revenue streams.

Ben Fairbank, CEO, and Co-founder of RedFOX Labs commented:

“This latest partnership allows us to utilise a number of our ventures at once, to enhance the $RFOX ecosystem growth in Southeast Asia and provide a blueprint for multimedia and NFT deals going forward. We are truly at the cutting edge of this movement and we will showcase many world firsts with this deal.

“As we have always said, the $RFOX token will have real, tangible, revenue producing value behind it. We are creating real businesses that will thrive in Southeast Asia – all the while, utilizing the $RFOX token as a way to incentivize, trade and create value.

“Brian Cu, one of Southeast Asia’s most prolific platform builders who has created some of the biggest startups in the last decade, has joined RedFox Labs and will be focused on building out this exclusive partnership with Miss Philippines.” said to Prittle Prattle News

About RedFOX Labs

RedFOX Labs is a venture builder based in Vietnam, that identifies and builds successful business models for the Southeast Asian markets. It is focused on unlocking the true market value of the Southeast Asian digital economy for high consumer demand services such as e-commerce, e-media, e-travel, and esports/gaming and focuses on adding value to the digital economy through the use of emerging technologies such as blockchain. As a company, its value is tradable through its native token ($RFOX).

This article was shared to Prittle Prattle News as a Press Release.

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