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Dr. Geary L. Robinson’s newly released “Three Strikes, You’re Out, USA!” is a thought-provoking examination of the moral climate in the USA

“Three Strikes, You’re Out, USA!”: a potent examination of modern times. “Three Strikes, You’re Out, USA!” is the creation of published author, Geary L. Robinson, PhD, a devoted husband and loving father to a daughter who blessed the family with two grandchildren.

Dr. Robinson writes, “Our book cover was created in partnership with Beam Team Design, Argyle, Texas. Mr. Alan Beam took the vision this messenger was given and created a vivid graphic using an empty baseball stadium and a sunrise to visually share the difference between light and darkness.

The red stitches are used to wrap the white leather around the baseball as a cover. The covering God gave to the USA and the World, is Jesus, The Son of God. The stadium represents the darkness, which has and continues to wrap around the USA and the rest of the world. Right is wrong; wrong is right.

The sunrise represents the Light of the World which is God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. Currently, in our contemporary world, much is discussed about climate change and how the world will come to an end in the next ten to twelve years. We do not have a climate change looming large over the earth; we have a lack of morality issue, which is divided into three distinct groups: moral, amoral, and immoral.

The very real concern for the USA, or any other nation, is choosing immorality and Satan over the Law God gave us, which, Jesus fulfilled. We The People of the USA are in the last innings with bases loaded and a full count. There are two potential outcomes, and only two…”
With so many divisive topics in our world, Robinson hopes to cast light on the shadows and encourage readers to reflect upon their faith and follow the teachings of the bible.

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rt - Dr. Geary L. Robinson's newly released "Three Strikes, You're Out, USA!" is a thought-provoking examination of the moral climate in the USA