Exhibit Hall Sponsorships Now Available for 2021 iaedp Symposium

Exhibit Hall the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals  recognized for its high-level education

Exhibit Hall  has unveiled unique sponsorships for this year’s 2021 iaedp™ Symposium with special benefits, including a 1-year Organizational Membership, valued at $1,500, with its Diamond Sponsorship.

All sponsorships will receive significant virtual and media promotions along with three individual registrations and logo placement on and

“The sponsorship opportunities for the 2021 Symposium’s Exhibit Hall offer participants a six-month opportunity to showcase a treatment center, organization or company’s benefits to hundreds in its target audience,” says Blanche Williams, iaedp™ Director of International Development.

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About the iaedp™ Foundation: Since 1985, the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals has provided education and training standards to an international and multidisciplinary group of various healthcare treatment providers and helping professions. For more information on the 2021 iaedp™ Symposium, visit

The Presidents Council provides iaedp™ support and includes: Alsana; Center for Change; Center for Discovery; Eating Recovery Center; Laureate; The Meadows Ranch; The Renfrew Centers; Rogers Behavioral Health; Rosewood Center for Eating Disorders; Selah House; SunCloud Health; Timberline Knolls; Veritas Collaborative; and Walden Behavioral Care.

The Greek symposium was a key Hellenic social institution. It was a forum for men of respected families to debate, plot, boast, or simply to revel with others. They were frequently held to celebrate the introduction of young men into aristocratic society. Symposia were also held by aristocrats to celebrate other special occasions, such as victories in athletic and poetic contests. They were a source of pride for them.

Symposia were usually held in the andrōn (ἀνδρών), the men’s quarters of the household. The participants, or “symposiasts”, would recline on pillowed couches arrayed against the three walls of the room away from the door. Due to space limitations, the couches would number between seven and nine, limiting the total number of participants to somewhere between fourteen and twenty seven (Oswyn Murray gives a figure of between seven and fifteen couches and reckons fourteen to thirty participants a “standard size for a drinking group”).[3] If any young men took part, they did not recline but sat up. However, in Macedonian symposia, the focus was not only on drinking but hunting, and young men were allowed to recline only after they had killed their first wild boar.

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Pietro Testa (1611–1650): The Drunken Alcibiades Interrupting the Symposium (1648).

Food and wine were served. Entertainment was provided, and depending on the occasion could include games, songs, flute-girls or boys, slaves performing various acts, and hired entertainment.

Symposia often were held for specific occasions. The most famous symposium of all, described in Plato’s dialogue of that name (and rather differently in Xenophon’s) was hosted by the poet Agathon on the occasion of his first victory at the theater contest of the 416 BC Dionysia. According to Plato’s account, the celebration was upstaged by the unexpected entrance of the toast of the town, the young Alcibiades, dropping in drunken and nearly naked, having just left another symposium.

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