Hummingbird Botanicals Rebranding as Onáya To Align with Core Values & Beliefs

Hummingbird Botanicals LLC, a Hemp Centered Health & Wellness company announces it is rebranding in order to better align with its core values.

Hummingbird Botanicals provides consumers with top quality Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts and continues to be a leader in the wellness industry.  They currently offer a line of tinctures and topical creams.  Specializing in clean organic products made exclusively from high grade botanical ingredients they embody luxury and quality while maintaining a commitment to environmental and social issues. This rebrand will better communicate these inherent qualities to existing and potential customers.

Speaking about the company’s rebrand, Hummingbird Botanicals Co-Owner Joaquina Cante had this to say.  “Our company has strong roots in the clinical application of herbal medicine.  In light of this, we actively commit to supporting causes that preserve the indigenous cultures and environments from which these remedies come.  Onáya is a South American word that means “healer” or “one who knows.”  This meaning contains a strong message of reciprocity.  In the process of healing all life needs to be honored and actively supported.  This includes everything: people, plants, and the planet as a whole.  That is true reciprocity.   This embodies who we are and what we strive to represent as a company.  Because of this we actively donate to non-profits and individual social causes in North, Central, and South America. As we continue to grow so will our contributions.”

In addition to their social and environmental commitments, Onáya is producing their new packaging from recycled materials that are in turn recyclable.  Glass bottles, rigid paper boxes, and shipping materials are all able to be reintroduced into the recycling stream.  This creates a beautiful one-of-a-kind unboxing experience that is also environmentally friendly.

The rebranded tincture line will be USDA Organic, and the cream line will continue to be clean and responsibly/ ethically sourced/ wildcrafted.  Packaged in textured paper boxes, brown and gold tones elicit the feel of earthen wisdom and botanical knowledge.  The experience transports the consumer to untamed natural places resonating with the remedies contained within.  An experience worth its weight in gold.

The rebrand will be completed by mid-April at which point the company website will become  Until then consumers and intrepid explorers can continue to shop and learn at

About Hummingbird Botanicals

Hummingbird Botanicals was founded in the Fall of 2018 in Boulder Colorado by Joaquina Cante and Bradley Mascuch.  They are both acupuncture and herbal clinicians who work extensively with medicinal plants.  Responding to the demand for clean high-quality hemp products they began to source and formulate the cleanest most effective hemp extracts possible.  They offer a line of Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts rich in multiple cannabinoids for topical and internal use.

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