Los Angeles Area Drivers Must Remain Vigilant Regardless of Safety Improvements, says Legal Defenders

Legal Defenders notes that, while it might be tempting to start a new podcast or adjust a GPS device, even a portion of a second is enough time to make a catastrophic error.

A January 12 article on Whittier Daily News reports on a nearly $15M grant that was awarded to the city of El Monte. It is intended for repairing the street and railway crossing-related infrastructure at the intersection of Tyler Avenue and Cogswell Road, located in the Los Angeles-adjacent San Gabriel Valley city. The article reports that the intersection had been the scene of two separate fatal accidents since 2015. Southern California-based personal injury firm Legal Defenders at the Law Offices of Burg and Brock says that, while the infrastructure improvements may limit the chances of another fatal accident, motorists who frequent the areas should remain vigilant because there is always the potential for new and unexpected road hazards.

Legal Defenders says that the best way to avoid a collision, whether it comes as a result of other motorists or dangers related to failing infrastructure, is to practice safe driving techniques and remain calm and focused when behind the wheel. The unfortunate reality is, the firm adds, dangers are always present. The personal injury firm says that safe driving starts with keeping both hands on the wheel for optimal control and driving without distractions. Los Angeles means never texting while driving and avoiding any other activity that requires shared focus, such as fumbling with your smartphone to change podcasts or alter GPS navigation.

 The firm says that, because of the size and weight of even the smallest motor vehicles, the forces involved can easily harm or kill anyone involved, even at what might seem like low speeds.

Legal Defenders also warns against driving aggressively and speeding no matter how skilled a driver may believe themself to be. The best drivers are still at the mercy of others on the road – the slightest miscalculation can be fatal, so weaving in between cars, cutting other drivers off, or any other hasty maneuver is never worth the risk.

Legal Defenders notes that city planners are experts who establish speed limits with a great deal of thought, sometimes using information that may be hidden from drivers on the road. By ignoring speed limits, drivers may lose the ability to account for unknown variables like sharper turns, sudden onramps, dips in the pavement, and more. The firm says that obeying traffic signs and speed limits is simply the best way to avoid those dangers, not to mention costly and time-consuming trouble with the authorities.

The personal injury firm says that those who do cause an accident may be liable for a host of damages, including some that may not be immediately obvious. Such damages could include property damage, medical bills, emotional and physical therapy, funeral costs, lost wages, and many, many more. Legal Defenders concludes that patient and focused driving is simply the only way to navigate today’s streets and highways.

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