Varnish Software Launches New Administration Console for Large Deployments

The solution, named Varnish Controller, is aimed at anyone running large-scale deployments of Varnish Enterprise, and provides a graphical user interface to visualize the status, behavior, and performance of individual servers.

 Varnish Software, the recognized leader in high-performance digital content distribution, today announced the launch of a new administration console solution aimed at making it easier than ever to operate the company’s enterprise-grade products.

With an easy-to-use dashboard and command line client, Varnish Controller allows IT leaders to easily configure Varnish servers, monitor their behavior and scale resources up and down as required. This dashboard is fully customizable with graphs able to show key metrics across global deployments, accessing data from every server on CPU and RAM usage, bandwidth, and health.

The solution is built with a well-defined and documented API, and a modular architecture, making adding new features and functionality a simple process. Additionally, all communication with the system is done using a REST API, making it possible to easily integrate with customer systems.

Varnish Controller’s lightweight, small footprint control plane means deployments, rollbacks and scaling are faster and easier for enterprises that need to manage large, complex Varnish CDNs.

Varnish Controller can also be used to test edge logic changes on one production server, then promote to all servers, so that CDNs can be updated and optimized for emergent needs as quickly and safely as possible.

The solution also helps to maintain the security of the CDN. As a fully redundant, encrypted and authenticated system, and with Active Directory support it can be configured such that only authorized users are able to edit server settings.

Lars Larsson, CEO, Varnish Software said: to Prittle Prattle News “As more and more connected devices come online and the Internet of Things grows into an Internet of Everything, content delivery networks are becoming increasingly complex. Our conversations with customers running larger deployments led us to develop a new solution dedicated to addressing that complexity. With Varnish Controller we’ve created a way to make it easier than ever to run these large-scale Varnish deployments, enabling organizations to operate complex CDNs that span multiple servers and geographies all via a simple graphical interface.

“The complexity we’re seeing today will only ever increase, so we expect to see growing numbers of organizations using Varnish Controller to preserve, if not improve, the quality of experience their customers receive as they adapt to emerging needs,” Larsson added.

The solution is now available; more information about the solution can be found at:

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