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Chijioke Bennett’s newly released “DayVotionals” shares a spiritual journey across the truth within God’s Word as it brings illumination in life and spirit

DayVotionals”: a faith-strengthening devotional that presents the truth from the Word of God and the light of the Holy Spirit to help one effectively build and sustain a relationship with Him. “DayVotionals” is the creation of published author Chijioke Bennett, an author, a speaker, a prophetic teacher and worshipper, a songwriter, and a storyteller.

Bennett shares, “DayVotionals is a compilation of bite-size nuggets from the Word of God that strive to make biblical truths clear and relatable, with the ultimate intention that we not only know the truth but that we practice the truths that we know.

“DayVotionals is a labor of love and is a collection of some of the things that God has taught me over the years. It is written for everyone, regardless of your level of relationship with God. The prescribed method of consumption will be to take a nugget, study it, meditate upon it, by turning it around, over and over in your mind, till it takes root in your spirit and brings about illumination. Once that light comes, to make the process complete, you should walk in the light of that word, and only then can you enjoy the benefit of the nugget.

“While it is to be consumed by all, not everyone is at the same level of depth in God, so not all bites are equal. Some bites may be a nibble for someone; whereas, they will be a mouthful or perhaps several mouthfuls for others. The ideal thing is to pace yourself; bite off what you can chew on, settle that truth in your spirit, then come back for more.

“The presentation is easy, but please understand that there is depth here, so study the material and use this as a study manual.

“My prayer for you is that with each bite, your capacity is increased, and soon, you’ll have all these truths and more rooted in your inner man, and the practice of them will be your light that men see and glorify our Father.

“Open yourself to this process, and I pray that you enjoy the deepening of your relationship with God.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Chijioke Bennett’s new book is an insightful read that allows one to open themselves to the Holy Spirit and receive a blessing of revelation, insight, and wisdom.

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rt - Chijioke Bennett's newly released "DayVotionals" shares a spiritual journey across the truth within God's Word as it brings illumination in life and spirit