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#AzaadHoAzaadRaho: Trell launches Independence anthem to resonate young India sprit

The anthem featuring the renowned ‘artivist’, EPR Iyer & GJ Storm invites you to let go, express freely and celebrate the spirit of Independence with creators from the Trell Community

India, August 13, 2021: Trell, one of India’s largest lifestyle social commerce platform is celebrating Independence Day with its new initiative #AzaadHoAzaadRaho. With this campaign, Trell wants to instill the message for its audience to be free, be Azaad of anything and everything that holds them back. 

While we have been an independent country for 75 years, there are quite a few things that entrap us and curb our freedom – be it judgement, opinions or even trolls. On the occasion, Trell has launched an Independence anthem that resonates with the spirit of Young India. With empowering lyrics that scream out #AzaadHoAzaadRaho, loud and proud, the anthem features Rock and HipHop Indian Artivist, EPR Iyer & GJ Storm and Trellers motivating them to free themselves from the shackles of negative thoughts and societal stereotypes.

Across the platform, Trellers are empowering audiences to express freely & recreate their own versions of the anthem. 

About Trell

Trell is India’s largest lifestyle social commerce platform enabling millions of people to create and consume relevant and meaningful content in regional languages. The platform has grown rapidly with 50 million+ monthly active users and over 100 million downloads. In August 2020, Trell added a ‘Shop’ section, marking its foray into the social commerce segment. Currently offering content in 8 regional languages, the platform is looking to scale by enhancing its offerings and become a global leader in the visual blogging and lifestyle commerce space in the coming years.

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