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Superpro launches video communication app, vows to purge duopoly of Google and Zoom

The app comes with the ability to design virtual rooms themed according to Indian festivals to offer a distinctive experience to the Indian users while encouraging the ‘Make in India’ pledge and promoting national security

Mumbai, August, 13, 2021: In a major development, Superpro, a B2B tech-powered advanced video communications startup, has forayed into the B2C space with the launch of ‘Vayam’ – Bharat’s new video communication app. Aiming to promote the ‘Make in India’ pledge, ‘Vayam’ will cater to the Indian users’ cultural sentiments with innovative, exciting features. The app will be one of the first homegrown platforms that will align with Indian users’ beliefs and protect the sovereignty of the country, thereby eliminating the duopoly that western apps such as Google and Zoom hold in the Indian market.

Despite being the second-largest online market in the world, Indian apps are not among the top 10 video communication apps used as the market is dominated by foreign apps that may pose a threat to the country’s security as well as user data. Besides, these apps don’t align with the interests of Indian users. With the ability to design virtual rooms as per every single Indian occasion such as Satsang, Aarti, Puja, Keertan, etc., to offer users a one-of-a-kind virtual experience, ‘Vayam’ is a ‘Made in India, Made for India, Made by India’ app. As the pandemic has limited people’s ability to meet and celebrate festivals together, video communication tools have become the go-to solution to celebrate their traditions. To enable this, ‘Vayam’ will create a special virtual room for every occasion to give users a close-to-real-life experience. 

Being an easy-to-use, credible, and secure application, Vayam’s interactive features that are in tandem with Indian cultural sensitivities have made it the ideal and accessible solution in the country’s video communication market. Up until now, ‘Vayam’ has conducted several events such as Guru Poornima Utsav for Sangh Groups, for Routes2roots, an NGO focussed on cultural exchange programs, and for BrahmaKumaris, along with Ramayan and Geeta Katha events. Promoted by entrepreneurs and investors from IITs, ‘Vayam’, with its augmented features, has been designed to provide users a more relatable yet safe experience for events and meetings by giving users a credible, secure, and easy-to-use ‘Made in India’ video communication solution.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Gaurav Tripathi, Founder, and CEO of said, “With the video communication market in India being heavily dominated by western apps such as Google and Zoom that are selling user data for profit, India’s social, cultural, economic, and national security is being undermined. Ultimately, there is large-scale digital colonization taking place where Indian cultural beliefs are side-lined. Maintaining a strong focus on ‘Go Vocal for Local’ and Aatmanirbhar Bharat, ‘Vayam’ aims to add value to the Indian users’ experience while also appealing to the country’s rich, diverse culture through ‘Vayam’. We believe that ‘Vayam’ takes an India-first approach and will offer our users a unique experience that they can connect to culturally.”
He further added, “For instance, for the Guru Poornima Utsav at RSS, we had created a decorated stage where Swayamsevaks could enjoy the festival virtually. These events not only appeal to India’s rich cultural heritage but also allow people to experience them virtually while ensuring security and encouraging the ‘Make in India’ pledge. ‘Vayam’, a Sanskrit word, literally translates to ‘We’ and with this platform, we, as Swadeshis will overcome the Western influences and create a safe space for the Indian users.”

Users can simply click on, fill in their details, and click on ‘Create my Account’ to start using the platform. With the new product, looks to give India a reliable, unparalleled, world-class product that can be utilized by people across cultural organisations and not for profits along with the general masses.

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