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The Four Most Valuable Cricket Bats In World!

People ought eternally been engaged with high-end, glamorous cricket bats. It’s forever a topic of conversation when someone in your team gets a new cricket bat. And following taking a look at it, feeling the balance & ping, the next question is always ” how much did it cost.” So let’s just right into it; this is The Most Expensive Cricket bat.

The Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket bat! 

The Gray Nicolls Legend has stayed around for a very long time now. Gray Nicolls has been performing cricket bats for over 160 years & The Legend is their top-shelf offering. Beginning at £999.99 or USD 1398, that is quite possibly the various expensive bat around these days. 

Gray Nicolls Legend GOLD Australia Verse of Cricket Bat

It’s done a while since I studied this bat, but I see it’s still going strong in the AUS cricket store. The Gray Nicolls Legend from Australia is still an iconic cricket bat. At AUD 1499 & USD 1151, it’s undoubtedly the #2 cricket bat on our list. 

The Gray Nicolls Legend HANDCRAFTED Cricket Bat

I learn to review this cricket bat back in 2013 and learn how impressed I was with the bat. The flat face, the comprehensive profile, the gorgeous custom sticker, the ping, and the excellent balance. Coming in at AUD 1099 or $844, you can see why it’s on the list of Most Expensive Cricket Bats In The World.

The GM Player Edition Cricket Bat

I’ve been selling these fantastic GM Player Edition Cricket Bats now for as long as I can remember. This is the pinnacle of GM’s abilities. They no longer handcraft bats but instead use a very high-tech CNC automaton that exactly replicates the shape & profile it’s registered to make. This comes in convenient with the GM player edition cricket bats.

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